Peeking into the past is not difficult at all. You can look at old photos, read books or you can just look up into the starry sky, and what you see is the past. A person’s life lasts about 650,000 hours and, in the end, we do not remember days, only moments. But some moments from the past of humanity are like the supernovas, worthy of a second glimpse. So, we invite you to wear our rose-coloured glasses to travel in our time portal "VR Tallinn 1939/44".

In virtual reality, one of Tallinn's most prestigious business streets - Harju Street, which was almost destroyed during the March Bombing in 1944, comes to life. Come and experience the touch of time with VR-glasses. Wander the bustling street of 1939, where famous businesses and hotels of the capital operated.

A walk along Harju Street in 1939 is followed by a time travel into the year 1944. You will hear what happened in the Republic of Estonia during the past five years and take a closer look at the bombing in March 9 and 10, 1944.

The past comes alive spatially, colourfully, and where the buildings once stood. Virtual time travel interacts with your different senses, and you will never see the world as you did before.

One street, two journeys, three eras!




> May – September Tues. to Sun. from 11 am to 6 pm / October – April Wed.-Sun. 11-18
> CLOSED on national holidays: January 1, February 24, June 24, August 20, December 24.-26.
> Please make sure that you arrive 5 min in advance.
> VR tours start at full hours. Last VR tour 1 hr before closure.
> Duration of the VR tour: ~60 min.



Full ticket 27 €
Discount ticket (children (7-18), pensioners) 24
Family ticket (at least 1 grown-up and 1 child) 24 € per person
Group ticket (from 10 persons) 26 € per person
Educational programs  24 € õpilane



Starting point is in the underground passage of Vabaduse väljak.
> VR tours take place outdoors.
> Our attraction is accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.
> Audio guide in Estonian, Finnish, English, Latvian, Lithuanian, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish.
> VR may cause cyber sickness.
> Suitable for children 7+ years old.


Vabaduse väljak 9, Tallinn
Google Maps: VR Tallinn 1939/44

Time Portal "VR Tallinn 1939/44" two parts


Full ticket
Children (7-18)
Family ticket (number of visitors)
Teacher (valid with a school group visit)
Educational program (number of students)